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Trinity Yachts, LLC. announces the reopening of the Industrial Canal France Road facility
New Orleans, Louisiana - August 23rd, 2006 - Trinity Yachts, LLC announced that they have recently re-opened their original shipyard, located on the Industrial Canal in the Eastern section of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 38 acre yard with almost 10 acres of covered building area suffered badly from the effects of the hurricane water and almost 70% of the work force lost their homes. After partial power, rudimentary communications and general infrastructure returned to the yard and using many local employees to continue the clean-up and repairs, Trinity officially re-opened its doors on July 5th. Fortunately because the New Orleans shipyard is above sea level and located outside of New Orleans levee system, it was not exposed to the weeks of flooding most of the city endured.

According to John Dane III, president, "We are very excited to announce that since Hurricane Katrina, Trinity Yachts have signed up 7 additional contracts extending the backlog to 18 superyachts and 39 months of work, a total of 2,970 feet (LOA)."

Dane added, "With this increased backlog of work, Trinity is taking applications for all crafts, engineers and Naval Architects at this time, at both the New Orleans and Gulfport facility."

With the reinstallation of a 350 ton travel lift and completed repairs to 50% of the covered buildings, the construction of several hulls are well underway. As the area recovers from the effects of the nations largest natural catastrophe, Trinity is quickly ramping up to pre-Katrina projections for the New Orleans shipyard. As many of the original employees are returning to the New Orleans shipyard, and with over 500 employees at the shipyard in Gulfport, Trinity is continuing a tradition of building world class superyachts.

Just as before August 29, 2005, when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the city, the New Orleans shipyard will continue building world class luxury custom yachts such as the world class 180ft MIA ELISE, the 161ft. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM and the 177ft. KATHERINE to mention a few.

Trinity's reopening of the New Orleans shipyard continues the ship and yacht building tradition along the Industrial Canal. The shipyard was one of the production facilities of the WWII D-Day landing craft created by the famous Andrew Higgins, once called "…the man who won the war for us," by President Eisenhower. Trinity has centered its main operations here since 1988.

Today, as the largest builder of superyachts in the United States, Trinity continues to expand and accommodate an ever increasing order book, one of the largest in the history of superyachts.

Photo left to right - John Dane, III, C.E.O; George Barquero, Shipfitting Foreman; Wayne Bourgeois, C.O.O. shown in the France road facility with the first aluminum module being produced since reopening.

Trinity Yachts, LLC is a privately held corporation presently specializing in custom luxury superyachts of aluminum or steel up to 400 ft. (122 meters) in length. Trinity Yachts, LLC. is based in Gulfport, Mississippi and can be contacted by writing to: Trinity Yachts, LLC, 13085 Seaway Road, Gulfport, Ms 39503 USA attention: Felix S. Sabates, Jr., John Dane III or William S. Smith III or via telephone, telefax or facsimile as listed below:

  William S. Smith III Felix S. Sabates, Jr. John Dane III
Telephone: (228) 276-1054 (704) 557-2240 (228) 276-1030
Cell: (504) 723-8089 (704) 905-4640 (228) 861-8064
Telefax: (228) 276-1001 (704) 557-2241 (228) 276-1001
Length Hull Type Launch Date Name
157 ft. (47.85m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2006 LADY LINDA
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2006 LOHENGRIN
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2006 IMAGINE
163 ft. (49.7m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 LADY MICHELLE
191 ft. (56.39m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2008 UNBRIDLED
164 ft. (50m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 MINE GAMES
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2008 ANJILIS
179 ft. (54.56m) Steel Hull & Alum. Tri-Deck 2008 CORRIE LYNN
164 ft. (49.9m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 NORWEGIAN QUEEN II
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 MUSTANG SALLY
122 ft. (37.2) Aluminum Sport Fish 2008 MARY P
135 ft. (41.15m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2008 MARSHA KAY
183 ft. (55.8m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2008 MUSTANG SALLY
186 ft. (56.7m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2009 CARPE DIEM
164 ft. (49.9m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2009 WHEELS
186 ft. (56.7m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2009 LADY LINDA
142 ft. (43.3m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2009 BIG ZIP
190 ft. (57.9m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2009 MINE GAMES
Unless stated otherwise, all of the yachts currently under construction will be
ABS classed and MCA compliant.