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Trinity Yachts, LLC. Will display four (4) superyachts at the 2005 Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Show

New Orleans, Louisiana - August 24, 2005 - Trinity Yachts, LLC announced that they will display four (4) motor yachts at the 2005 Ft. Lauderdale show: 3 new yachts, 1 yacht 3 years old, none of them seen in a show before now.

  • 180' (55m) MIA ELISE steel hull displacement motor yacht, del. June 2005, first appearance at any show, Dee Robinson interior, ABS, MCA over 500 tons, first steel hull yacht of this size built in the U.S. in the past 70 years
  • 161' (49m) ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM del. Aug. 2005, 24 knot yacht, first installation of CAT 3516 high displacement main engines, Evan Marshall interior design, ABS, MCA under 500 tons, first appearance at any show
  • 157' (47.8m) LADY FLORENCE del. Aug. 2005, Dee Robinson interior, ABS, MCA under 500 tons, first appearance at any show
  • 150' (45.7m) IMAGINE del. June, 2002 Private yacht that has never appeared in public before, owner is building new 49m yacht with Trinity, ABS, MCA under 500 tons, first appearance at any show.
Trinity Yachts will have the largest number of new boats over 150' of any builder at the show. It may well be the largest initial display of new yachts by one builder in history. It is definitely the largest display of new superyachts in the history of the Ft. Lauderdale show.

Trinity Yachts, LLC is a privately held corporation presently specializing in custom luxury superyachts of aluminum or steel up to 400 ft. (122 meters) in length. Trinity Yachts, LLC. is based in Gulfport, Mississippi and can be contacted by writing to: Trinity Yachts, LLC, 13085 Seaway Road, Gulfport, Ms 39503 USA attention: Felix S. Sabates, Jr., John Dane III or William S. Smith III or via telephone, telefax or facsimile as listed below:
  William S. Smith III Felix S. Sabates, Jr. John Dane III
Telephone: (228) 276-1054 (704) 557-2240 (228) 276-1030
Cell: (504) 723-8089 (704) 905-4640 (228) 861-8064
Telefax: (228) 276-1001 (704) 557-2241 (228) 276-1001
Trinity Yachts, LLC has under construction the following yachts:
Length Hull Type Launch Date Name
157 ft. (47.85m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2005 LADY LINDA
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2006 WHEELS
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2006 IMAGINE
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 ANJILIS
161 ft. (49m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 MUSTANG SALLY
157 ft. (47.85m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2006 LADY MICHELLE
179 ft. (54.6m) Steel Tri-Deck 2007 CORRIE LYNN
164 ft. (49.9m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 NORWEGIAN QUEEN II
191 ft. (58.22m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2007 UNBRIDLED
117 ft. (35.66m) Aluminum Sport Fish 2008 MARY 'P'
135 Ft. (41.15m) Aluminum Tri-Deck 2008 MARSHA KAY
All of the yachts currently under construction will be ABS classed and MCA compliant.